This is where the unfinished, the demos, the weird extra leftover ideas live to be gazed at for your amusement.


An unreleased cover of Guided By Voices’ “Game of Pricks.” Recorded around the time of the Union Forever sessions.

Warming up before take 1 of “Love Comes to Us All.” Recorded during the Forever and Ever Amen sessions, Gainesville, FL, Summer 2010.

It’s been ten years since the sweat-drenched A/C-less drive up and down the the length of Florida that made up my former band Ersatz Glow’s first and only tour. On that tour we were selling a split 7″ record with our tourmates, Edward the Bear. This is the side we did, remixed and in non-vinyl format for the first time ever.

This is a Neil Young song I felt compelled to cover after I heard Patti Smith’s absolutely heartbreaking live version at a Neil Young tribute. Hers is better, but here’s mine anyway.