The Ice Cream Man Cometh…and is Playing Us on the Radio!

Hello everyone! We’re going to be featured on the very excellent Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More radio show this Tuesday, and we’re in good company, too — check that playlist! For our fans on the East Coast, it’s at 1pm, or noon for our Austin fans, and for those of you in Sweden, it’s at 7pm. Thanks for listening!


Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show: Tuesday 7pm CET

Featuring music by: The Yum Yums,The Singletons,The Hollies, The Moonstones, Baby Scream, B-Back, The Ackermans, Barry and The Remains, Arvidson, Big Star, Speakeasy, Small Faces, The Smoggers, Phenomenal Cat, Nervous Twitch, Building Rockets, Seaweed Meadows
The Agony Aunts, Shane Martin, The Makeouts and The Lackloves.