I Assure You, We Are Open

Hi, everyone. The record is (still) almost done. Blame adult responsibilities, wedding planning, work, anal-retentiveness, etc. Believe me when I say the wait will be worth it — put away those ugly memories of rushing to the store to buy Chinese Democracy the day it came out. I’m really proud of it, and it does sound like it took years to record/build/assemble. In the meantime, since I’m not ready to share the new stuff, here’s something you might not have gotten the chance to hear before: In 2008, I recorded an acoustic EP of Colin Meloy covers: 7 Decemberists songs, and one by his former band, Tarkio. We only gave it away at shows, and probably not very many shows at that. So here it is to enjoy again for the first time. See you soon with more news!